Saturday, July 14, 2007

In Service

The last few days I have been taking care of my little old lady Goldene. We watched Quigley Down Under with Tom Selleck and Sabene a spaghetti western with Lee Van Clef (angel eyes) I love those western flicks and so does Goldene.

Since I saw her last she let a little white cat into her life. The cat just came to the door and waited until someone let it into the house. Sassy is a odd looking white cat with a gray striped tail. It's just like a little angel what a precious gift. This morning Sassy bought a live bird into the house, I think it was a gift for Goldene. Sassy sits on her lap and lets her dry the rain off her fur and sleeps and purrs. I can see the smile on Goldene's face and the way the cat relaxes her and brings her some joy.

When I stay with Goldene I slow down and take the day at her pace and it helps me appreciate life more and teaches me patience and compassion.
Last year I cared for her husband of 60 years in the months before he passed away of cancer. She is alone now expect for the caregivers and her family she is very fortunate to be at home and surrounded with such love and caring daughters. Goldene is a little spoiled and that's a good thing.

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