Thursday, August 02, 2007

Check Out My New Bat House

After the day the little bat flew into my house I was smitten. The little creature was so homely and cute I kept it inside for a while. I didn't want to chase it around with the broom screaming like a banshe and traumatize the tiny creature. Late at night in the Alaskan twilight I see them flying and diving for bugs. Ever since that day I have wanted to give some bats a nice little home near my home. Google provides a wealth of information about bats and how to build a bat house. It turns out that bats fly close to waterways and I live on a lake. Bats thrive in a diverse eco system and I have many animals in my area. Bats eat their weight in mosquitoes and their guano is the greatest fertilizer in the whole world.
This bat house needs a little roof to deflect rain, it needs to be erected on a pole 12 to 25 feet in the air and a few feet from trees so they can find their home, it should have a predator guard. If I put it up before Winter in the Spring they may move in. I hope so.

In the art world I am working on a very large painting of summer birch trees and wildflowers when it is finished I will post the picture and put it for sale on Boundless Gallery. This is my day 10 of 90 exercizes in 90 days.

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