Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Dearest Judy,

I can't believe it's been another year. At this rate, in the blink of an eye we soon will have been dead for 20 years. Grandpa Nelson REALLY did not want to go to the next whatever.
It bugged him big time that life would go on, for all those he loved and those who loved him, with not much more than a hiccup in their lives. I guess that's just what it is, eh?

Ah so.

Now that I've finished my depressing diatribe I'll tell you the reason I'm writing.
It's to let you know how very special you are and have always been to me. I think the world of you. I so adore your 'eclecticism' if there is such a word. I don't have memories of most of my life yet of you I have a remarkably large smattering.... pictures in my mind of us here and there. You're one of the few people I've been impressed by and with forever. You're truly remarkable.

Happy birthday, dear friend. My prayer for you is that your heart and life are filled with love, giggles, joy and as much chocolate as you can possibly consume. My prayer for myself and the rest of the world is that you continue to let your light, eccentricism, unique artistic talent, love and radiant encompassing smile warm all those who come in contact with you.

All the words I think of, and say or don't say, aren't powerful enough to let you know how truly impressive you are so I'll close by saying I love you.

Thanks for being you. You ROCK! L :)


P.A. GIbbons said...

great intro...and blog. :)
I often wish I were old enough and mature enough to have said such things to people before they passed on. I do now, but there are some I wish I had the chance to say goodbye.....xxpatti

Linda Henning said...

I think our best friends are the friends we made before we are 30.
People throw the label friends around too easily. I am nervous around people that are too easy to assume friendship now. My true friends are ones like your Linda. We don't look the same as we did in our teens and we have a few bad habits and things we don't admire about each other, but we are the same people we were 30 -40 years ago. It doesn't take long to find that old friend under the unfamilar exterior. See you again at the art meetings.
Linda H.