Thursday, August 09, 2007

I'm A Barbara Streisand Fan and Proud of It!!!

Yes, since I was a thirteen year old girl I have been in love with her. I am a die hard fan of Barbara Streisand. I used to play her records over and over and watch her movies again and again. I especially loved "The Owl and the Pussycat" and "The Prince of Tides" and "a Star is Born" I love all her work. I know that my infatuation with Barbara comes close to idol worship and I don't care. She is brilliant, strong, sings like an angel, and she is so beautiful with a profile like a proud mast head on a ship.
Once I wanted to see her HBO special so my girlfriend and I checked into the Hilton because we did not have cable TV, we watched her special on the hotel room television. Crazy huh? My friend Yevonne said wistfully "I want to be Barbara Streisand."

I have clippings, records, photographs, biographies, and because I was such a fan an old friend Kay got me her autograph. She was the chef for Peter Guber a producer that made many of my favorite movies.
We stayed with her in the guest house many years ago. I had never been to Hollywood before and there I was hanging out with the rich and famous. Well not really, but I did look around their home and go shopping at the Beverly Hills grocery store with carpet on the isles. WoW what a house! they had a tennis court on the hill side and underneath the court was a movie theatre, a projection room, bar, popcorn machine and fancy white leather seats to view the movies. I was so impressed and star struck (at the time) with all the money and luxuries that Hollywood moguls had.

This is how I got Barbara's autograph, she was at the Malibu beach house doing Yoga with Peters Guber's wife during the time she went with Jon Peters her hairdresser. Kay (my friend the chef) was preparing them a healthful salad, when they were done exercising she said Barbara started noshing the salad and kibitzing with her, so Kay asked for an autograph for me Barb graciously gave it to her.

I cherish this piece of paper and keep it like a talisman, this woman has been a major inspiration in my life and given me many hours of enjoyment, her signature makes her more tangible to me, I have a personal connection with a mega star and contrary to some peoples opinion is a nice lady.
For Judy, Best Wishes, Barbara Streisand.


Barbra Streisand said...

She was the chef for Peter Guber a producer that made many of my favorite movies.

Judy Vars said...

Really, really really