Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Glimpse of Heaven on Earth

I will never forget my trip Alaska, Joel, Porter and I were driving north to Alaska. We stopped in Calgary, Canada we were having fun in the park, suddenly a squelch of water from the sky hit my head like a water baloon, and then the sky opened up and dumped what felt like a bathtub of water upon us. We ran to the car and began to drive away from town. Cars were floating in the slow lane of the highway. I deftly drove around them fording the flood. We drove this way for hours in the rain looking for a motel to spend the night. We had been camping up until that night but not tonight.

As we were driving further north, the rain stopped, the air had that fresh, positive, clean feeling that rain leaves behind, and this is what we saw.The greenest of greens pastoral scene, a row of poplars lining the road casting long dark emerald shadows, a clear bright double rainbow the kind you can see from start to finish, the remnants of a fiery sunset and a low full harvest moon with a silvery, blue ring around it. Awe and a peace flooded my soul. I asked myself is it possible to have all these things occur at one time? Yet here is was a special glimpse of heaven, as we passed through Canada a place we’ve never been before going towards a place we’ve yet to see I thanked my creator for a wonderful world and
took it as a good omen.

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