Sunday, August 05, 2007

To everything; turn, turn, turn there is a season

It's been pouring rain all weekend so I felt like making some good tummy warming fish soup and crusty sourdough bread, YUM. It did my heart good to see my little family eating soup from my new tureen and having seconds.

August is going to be a busy month, my 8th wedding anniversary, and my 50 something birthday, my old friend Linda Nielson is coming from Manti, Utah, school starts and the state fair. I am planning to judge the art at the Alaska State Fair, do another encaustic demo, I signed up for being the snack shop coordinator for the Booster Club for my sons football team Houston Hawks. Now, I consider myself a good mom but I have not in the past been a part of PTA, Boy Scouts, etc. But since Porter is my last child so I have doted on him more than the others and do these things because he seems to really appreciate it when I do. My other three were raised by a different standard. They were much more self-sufficient and wished I would participate more in their activities. I was a different person. When I got divorced I told myself that I could do it all raise great kids, earn a great living just like a man, we made sacrifices and got by with lots of love. Now my son Porter and my grandson are playing video games and getting ready for bed, life had gone full circle.
In gratitude

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