Monday, August 20, 2007

"When Pigs Fly" and "Horses Asses"

Yes! it is my birthday all day today, my hubby forgot again! gurrrrrrrr I was grumpy for a little while then I went to the Alaska State Fair to judge the art and forgot all about it.

What an enlightening experience. Some of the art was interesting, some beautiful, some showed great technical skill and some of it was quite lame. We critiqued everything we agreed and disagreed and really got picky,picky,picky. The grand champion intrestingly enough went to a 10 year old girl! It was a watercolor of a cat and a lion, hard to describe the colors were blue and orange it really grabbed you and made you smile. The children's art was generally very good they have an amazing talent for expressing things in a simple and whimsical manner. It seems that between the ages of 13 to 17 some get lazy and they are into anamie and cars. I loved this one of the pigs. I managed to get the other judges to agree to give it at least an honorable mention. We were each given a judges choice award so I put it on "Pigs Flying East" by Barbara Hunt of Palmer, Alaska. I loved it! They wanted me there for my quirky input so that is what they got.

The wonderful women in my life, Daughter Nicole, Daughter Charmaine, Former Mother in Law Vilate and Jeannie all wished me Happy Birthday and made my day special.
The men in my life, well they are just horses asses. Somehow when pigs fly seems appropriate. I see horses asses with different mens names painted on their butts trotting into the sunset.

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