Friday, September 21, 2007

Beautiful Crisp Fall Day In the Mat-Su Valley

Today I took myself for a little ride to enjoy the beautiful Fall day before Winter sets in. This is a stand of old cottonwood trees in Palmer. I tried to ask permission to go inside and photograph the trees. It was a farm with several houses and was loaded with children, playing in tree houses, jumping on the trampoline, helping mom it was an idyllic scene. Grandma said sure but the cows graze in there and the fence is hot!
Well I'm glad I asked! The picture was taken from my car window away from the hot fence.
The snow on the mountains is fondly called termination dust; summer is officially terminated.

The small hill is called the Butte it was formed by two glaciers pushing the earth to form a big hill.

This last image is just a few moment ago on the deck a moon rise. Benson ran outside and won't come to me when I call and I want to go to bed.

Today I am so grateful to have beauty all around me and that I'm alive to appreciate it all.
thank you My Lord for another day.

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