Sunday, September 23, 2007

I Create A World

This is a photo of a corner of my studio messy yes but from chaos and uncertainty comes creation.

The piece in the background I painted over 15 years ago. The angel is standing on a pedestal and is carved from ivory the little carved bear on the tundra is looking up at the angel who sits in the firmament of heaven. The box frame says "Through my Passion, Power and Beauty. I create a world where others recognize their unique spirits and all live in Joy and a Celebration of Life" this is my personal mission statement.

This painting was I think the seed for my Great Alaskan Adventure. While living in Salt Lake City, I became claustrophobic even though the majestic Wasatch Mountains surround the valley there was no place to in nature to be alone and refresh my spirits even the closest canyon was closed off unless you paid $5.00 to get in. I would drive for hours just to find some place to be at peace in nature but my restless spirit could not be appeased.

It was crazy, to leave family and friends at my age and start over. Still I was compelled by forces that I didn't understand to come to Alaska and nurture my spirit with the best Mother Nature has to offer.

This I need to remind myself that here in Alaska "I created a world where others can live in Joy and a Celebration of Life" my days are full with people I love and that love me, I have a son that makes me proud, friends tell me that I am inspirational and fun to be around. I have time to paint and create with nature in my back yard. My life is as I pictured it could be filled with my passion, power and beauty. My attitude makes me as happy as I dare to be.

The universe gave me my hearts desire now God give me the courage to trust my self and accept your gifts graciously.
Joy to the World, joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea, Joy to You and Me.

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gabriela said...


My name is Gabriela from switzerland.... is incredible!!! I "see" your paint too!!! no the principal paint, the other one, on the table... the "conections"!!! I see.... When you came in Switzerland? you have a place to stay, my house.... look and we can try to paint the visions, talk about.... ;) Nice to meet you in the world too;)