Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Matanuska Glacier (the way it was)

Title: Matanuska Glacier (the way it was)
Artist: Ann Wilson
Size: H 46" X W 78"
Created: 1985-1986

Carmen Summerfield and I took a beautiful fall drive up the Glenn Highway to Chickaloon to see a painting by a woman named Ann Wilson, 83 years. Ann called me out of the blue and asked for some help to help her give this work of art to the State of Alaska. A call for service! I'm on the case. I called Carmen and we went to see the painting not knowing what to expect. The painting exceeded all expectations it was grand.

Ann has been a prolific painter creating portraits, animals, horses and landscapes for friends and family. Her cozy home is remote but she is not alone her granddaughter Dorthy stays close to help her and daughter Donna lives close by.
It was fun to see her scrapbook, paint box, sketch book. I told her that the painting reminded me of the romantic style of
Sydney Lawrence and Ann told me she knew Sydney and talked to him frequently. When she would call him and ask "how his painting was going?" he said "never mind me, how is your painting going" always full of encouragement. Ann also knew Fred Machetanz another iconic Alaskan Artist.

It makes me wonder why a talented woman who painted prolifically with as much beauty and passion as these men is relatively unknown? I can't think of a woman artist that has attained the same fame in Alaska. If anyone knows of a renowned woman painter in Alaska please let me know.

I respect her desire to donate her painting in the hopes that many people will see and admire this wonderful work of art and a glimpse of the Matanuska Glacier (the way it was). The glacier was at least 200 feet thicker vertically in Ann's painting, it melts at an alarming rate and recedes every year.
This so so photograph of the glacier was taken from the turnout yesterday you can see the difference in the ice.

Sunrise: 7:49am
Sunset: 7:53pm


P.A. GIbbons said...

Fabulous painting, photo and blog. Thanks for sharing that.
Send this to BUSH!!!!!


Judy V. said...

Good Idea!
I think I will and while I'm at give it to Gore for his slide show. It hurts to see the truth of Global Warming.