Friday, September 14, 2007

The Soap Opera Queen and other Lamentations

TITLE: The Soap Opera Queen
Artist: Judy Vars
Meduim: Encaustic Wax
Size: H 15" X W 13"
Price: $150.00
Go to Boundless Gallery and search for Vars, Judy

The Soap Opera Queen was not finished after all.

Its strange how different our own perceptions can be from other people, like recently when I was a substitute art teacher. I thought it went really well. I waited two days for the teacher to call me and say how it went, finally I called her. Not Good! When I let a kid try to sign on to her computer, just to prove that he really did need a password it messed up her settings and other things (I don't know how) she is understandably very aggravated, the principle had a negative impression because I was late one minute late (it's very, very bad to be late to school) and I showed them a movie (I was told to show them a movie). Almost a direct quote "this school runs a tight ship and we use a core group of subs that are degreed substitute teachers." YEA, UH HUH, They will call me again when they need me guaranteed.

On the up side the teacher said the kids did not need to be peeled off the walls indicating that I kept them under control. What ev, I asked myself, did I do my best? And the answer is YES.

Well I've lamented over this enough and it's time to shake it off and move on with my day. The sun is out and it's beautiful.

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