Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Spooky Old House

I am painting each one of my grandchildren a Halloween painting. This is the first one, it looks like my Grandmother Genevas old house in Idaho the house is still there. It was built around 1890 and hasn't been inhabited since 1967. The place was haunted when I was a little girl, I wonder if it still is.
When Mom, Patty my sister and I went to see it about 10 years ago it was still standing.
I picked up some glass bottles, rusty keys, thread bobbins, and old magazines, great stuff for my art. Grandma was a saver (a nice word for pack rat) and there are still hidden treasures.

It's very scary place at night, once I literally scared the pee out of my brother and sister. Years ago we went to visit the old place as a family and decided to spend the night.
My husband and I snuck away after my sister and brother were safely tucked in their sleeping bags and snoring away peacefully. Then we came running up yelling like a couple of axe murders. It was so hilarious to see them try to run in terror zipped in their mummy bags.
The joke worked so good I felt a little bad, no wonder they call me a mean -itch. I was notorious for playing mean jokes on my little siblings. The retelling still gives me a certain evil glee as I cackle like a witch.

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