Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Teachers Pet NOT!

I've been sub-teaching for two weeks for an art teacher.
Today I taught 6,7th and 8th graders to draw a face in perspective and I talked about creating a self portrait. I tried to draw out their feelings about themselves, how they wear their hair, how they are going to reinvent themselves, whether or not they had a good summer. I secretly want to be an art therapist.

Just when I was starting to feel like an art teacher my sub-job is over. Trying to teach 6th, 7th and 8th graders is crazy making. They are at that insane age when the hormones are in overdrive pouring into the body all kinds of feelings, impulses, urges. Last year I said I hate those junior high kids they are so naughty. But it was because I hated being that age. Then I remembered little Judy. When I was 13 I dyed my hair black and wore my bangs in my eyes. I wore so much eye makeup that I had black holes for eyes. My favorite outfit was a black mini skirt, orange and black top and socks that match with go-go boots. With my ratted hair out to there I was quite a fox.

My home life was so overwhelming it was hard to concentrate in class. I was never any teachers pet and didn'nt trust authority. Remembering and accepting myself when I was a teen turned my attitude around. Now I say those crazy junior high kids are so much fun, I just love them all to pieces.

Patti, if you read this thanks for the cool lesson plan you saved me.

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