Thursday, September 06, 2007

Too Cute for Words

I can't help it I'm having a proud Grandma moment. These fingerprint characters are by my gra,ndson Jackson are just the cuttest little things I've seen all day. He is soooooo talented. Lately I've been looking at artwork done by children and I'm getting blown away by their simple straight foreward honesty. Later we all forget how to be innocent and how to communicate as a child. I wish that kind of inspiration could be canned.


P.A. GIbbons said...

That is what grandchildren are for, to learn how to play again, and the magic in life....I am sad that my only grandchild maybe leaving us soon....will have to start a fund to fly to Kentucky every few months! LOL. xxpatti
PS how is your brother?

Judy V. said...

He is still in a coma and the doctors say he is brain dead. His wife will need more time to accept this. Now she thinks they have their heads up their asses.
Sorry your grand baby is leaving. For a couple of years my grandchildren did not live in Alaska so I prayed and prayed until they came. Rhaya my granddaughter lives in Charlotte, NC but they may move to the Bay Area,SF. It's still a million miles from me.