Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Purging, Alchemy, and Purfume

Lately I've had this idea to give away and destroy all my art. I've told others about this feeling and they have mixed reactions, like "are you nuts?" or "give it to me!" or "are you depressed or something"?
I have mixed emotions about this and don't really know where this urge to purge is coming from. I just want to give it away. There are pieces that I will leave to my children in a "ethical will" when I am dead. Perhaps my identity/ego is too wrapped up in my art. I explore dreams, emotions and questions of life and death. Then put myself and my artwork on front street for everyone to love or hate.

Like most things serendipitously I find my answers. I read an interview in the Alaska Wellness Magazine an interview with Jerry Wennstrom in 1979 he destroyed all his art and gave everything away. I looked at his pre 1979 art and some of it was disturbing and ugly (in my opinion). Then he took the leap to consciously empty himself of his identity. He went on to face his fears and seek GOD transform himself and create new phenomenal art. He speaks of surrender and tending to the requirements of the moment paying attention and working reverently.

Alchemy, the power to turn baser metals into gold and finding the universal solvent the elixir of life
. Speaking about alchemy and elixirs...........
I rented "Purfume" a surrealistic film about making purfume in 1800 France. Obsession, serial murder, visually stunning, artistically challenging. all the good stuff! See it! I told my husband it was a chick flick (my kind of chick flick).

Here is to transformation....

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P.A. GIbbons said...

The book is even better. I read it years ago, though the movie was pretty fun.

Ad Sense...go to dashboard, click on "My Account" on the right, and there is all the info I think. So far I have made a whopping 2.00, but then again, I don't have 100's of people reading my blog. Which is fine. I have some of the greatest people thru the blog, one of them being you!

hugs, patti