Tuesday, November 13, 2007

If I Were an Angel I Could Fly

Life was getting overwhelming and I needed to give myself a mini vacation. I wanted to be alone in the desert. I come from Utah and wanted to go home. Moab, UT was crowded with bikers for some marathon race. I tried to get a room but they were all booked, one guy said he could get me a cot and I could sleep in the laundry room, No Thank You! I was resigned to stay in my SUV then I decided to try one more place. There was no room there either, so the clerk called a bed and breakfast for me. Moments later an angel disguised as an older woman bid me to follow her white Cadillac. Her home was a big cozy home packed with nick knacks and photographs, loving mementos from a lifetime with family and friends.
My bedroom was a haven of pink, pink carpet, pink bedspread, pink pillows, It felt like a cloud, the bathroom was even pinker! I couldn't resist a soak in the tub with pink Dove Soap. I drifted on my pink cloud into a heavenly sleep. In the morning Mrs "Angel" and I talked awhile, I told her some of my woes, she suggested I bend my knees, and we said farewell.

I wanted to get an early start the frost was still on the grass making my steps crunch; first stop the Delicate Arch. On the way up the trail I began talkin to God, asking to be a better woman, a more loving mom and wife, I asked him take some of my bad habits and give me some graces.
I thought to myself that when I reached the Delicate Arch I would pass through as a symbolic gesture of changing my life.

When to what to my wondering eyes should appear the gigantic monolith in the shape of an arch. I approached this massive structure it perched majestically on the edge of a canyon so deep it looked like the abyss. It occurred to me if I was an angel I could fly through that arch. Instead I fell onto my belly and crawled on my elbows and peered over the edge scared to death.

Thank you creator for showing me your wonders and teaching me some humility.
Amen and Amen


annie kelleher said...

what a nice getaway!! what a wonderful angel !!!!! and yeah, mister ex IS a selfish SOB!

akfnp said...

wow. thats all. just wow.
the desert is one of my favorite places too.