Saturday, December 22, 2007

Cocktail Parties and Christmas Libations

Last night hubby and I went to a real top drawer cocktail party at the 15th floor of the Hilton Hotel in beautiful downtown Anchorage. They served prime rib and had an open bar which is always interesting because neither one of us drink. And yes, that is a whole other story that belongs in another forum, know what I mean? It was a company party for Alaska Serigraphics a super cool group of creative, young fun people. It's always fun to watch people as they relax and get loose after a few drinks. I‘ve heard there is a pill for social anxiety disorder but liquor is quicker. Why am I saying all this?

Well Douglas Francois Girard (the man whose art Palmer Museum choose over mine) is their graphic designer. So hubby introduces me to him and quickly walks away. Douglas is a real cute guy with allot of discheevled charm and he had this aloof artists air about him.

So I went ga ga all over him literally gushing as I told him how talented he is and how wonderful I thought his art was. I'm sure he was flattered if not a little embarrassed for me. I have no excuse for leaving my senses behind except he spoke with an accent.

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