Sunday, December 09, 2007

No topic tonight just life as it is......

Wanda called on Thursday we had a wonderful upbeat conversation about everyone in the family, we laughed about the Christmas card a Mormon Church lady sent to the ward, Santa has a replacement for coal in the socks this year, and he is farting in each Christmas sock for the bad girls and boys. I said she is telling everyone to lighten up! She told stories on my daughter, when she asked Charmaine why she was getting divorced she said two reasons; he doesn’t want kids and to get a good piece of ass. We laughed and she said; "she is a very sexy girl." She promised to send me a box of photographs that were my dads and I told her I would cherish them, she told me she loves me I told her I love her also, words we seldom told each other but knew anyway.

Patty (sister) called me on Friday bearing bad news, Wanda had collapsed on the floor that night and her care giver did not find her until the next morning she was taken to the nearby hospital and then life-flighted to the University of Utah Medical Center. It turns out she has cancer and has known about it for sometime. Doug, (brother) who is clinically brean dead wasting away in a coma had a surgery to remove an abscess on his bottom now he has no butt. How terrible is that!
I've got cards to make and send, letters to write, phone calls to make, people to see, parties to attend and I have got to tell my family and friends how much I love them!

This life is just so damn short anyway and like Scar said in The Lion King "lifes not fair."

Is peace with you in this Christmas time of year?

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