Monday, December 31, 2007

Some Say Its Darkest Just Before Dawn

TITLE: Dawn on the Sleeping Lady
ARTIST: Judy Vars
MEDIUM: Oil and Silver Leaf
DIMENSIONS: H. 11" X W. 14"
PRICE: 192.00
CREATED: The last day of 2007

The story of Sleeping Lady has traveled by word of mouth throughout the region since at least the 1930's. The source of the original story is unknown perhaps Athabaskan legend. Here is a very short telling.
Many years ago when woolly mammoths roamed the land there lived a race of peaceful giants.
Two were planning to be married the maiden Susitna and Nekalta. As they were making wedding plans a stranger burst into the village warning them of a warring tribe coming their way. A tribal council was held and it was decided not to fight instead to bring them gifts and offer friendship. Soon they left on their mission. The maiden Sisitna stayed behind busying herself with her wedding plans she eventually grew weary and laid down for a nap. Tragically the plan did not work and every one was killed.
No one had the heart to awaken Susitna so she still sleeps awaiting the return of her betrothed and news of peace.
In my version of the Sleeping Lady I have captured the sliver of time just before dawn when the sky is still dark and the stars are still visible, there is a stark silvery glow on the horizon promising a bright new day, the clouds hang thickly in the sky like a wooly down comforter still wrapping Susitna in warmth while she dreams of Nekaltas return.
The technical aspects of this type of sunrise is called the twilight and antitwilight wedge also called the "belt of venus."If the sun is below the horizon, the band will appear a corresponding distance above the horizon with the darker sky below it, which is the earths shadow. The lack of color is partly due to the clean air and partly due to the suns elevation.
May 2008 bring us closer to our hearts desires Peace on Earth and Goodwill towards all Mankind. May we all do our part to be the peacemakers and have faith in a bright new day.
Blessings of Love and Peace


annie kelleher said...

what a wonderful story! what a beautiful painting - that time of day is my very favorite - everything and anything is so possible and new....

Judy Vars said...

I love it too annie, In Alasia pick you favorite time of day because it lasts and lasts.