Thursday, January 31, 2008

Man Burns in 212 days

TITLE: Sun Goddess
ARTIST: Judy Vars
DIMENSIONS: H. 21" X W. 18"

I'm thinking Burning Man for our vacation this year 7 days in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada.

What Is Burning Man?Every year, tens of thousands of participants gather to create Black Rock City in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, dedicated to self-expression, self-reliance, and art as the center of community. Everyone leaves one week later, having left no trace. The temperatures can reach 110 degrees and there can be hellacious sandstormes. But when it's time to go leave no trace what-so-ever. While there you are part of a community and work on the many projects being created. There is much planning involved because each person is completely self reliant all the food and water needs to be brought in and any art projects I may want to create. The theme this year is American Dream. It's been many years since I've been to Nevada still I'll bet I run into old friends and make some new ones.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Strange Wind by MAX

It's a strange wind today
It blows my body away
It's a strange wind today
It's a strange wind

It's so strange to me when things work out.
I often ask myself, when I am working hard and doing all the right things, why am I so surprised when stuff actually works out?
Well I am going to be deliberately vague because I am superstitious,
experience has taught me not to brag or boast because Karma is always listening.
Thank you Great Spirit for prayers answered, I'm blown away.

8:44 P.M. We went to Max and Jacksons Soup and Science Night to raise money for Washington D.C.
I bid on some cool looking brown slip on swede shoes with lots of tread and won the bid for $12.00 but when I put my new swede shoes on they squeak!!! You see Karma was listening.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Wearable ART Show


This event last year was a huge success daughter and I had a good time bonding experience. This year my entry is going to be a total secret, all I can say about it is WHERE IS MY FLUFFER!!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's For The Children

Dear Artists:

This request is for my grandson Max and his class. Please take just a moment to consider this for the children.

Calling All Artists

Mrs. Tros multi-age classroom at the Midnight Sun Charter School is planning their tri-annual field trip to Washington, D.C. and is raising $60,000 to take our kids all the way from Alaska to our country’s capital!!!
An art auction is planned for mid February. We are asking for your tax deductible donations from artists:
· Original Art
· Prints
· Three dimensional art
· Carvings
All will be gratefully accepted. Please contact the art coordinator:
Nicole Barker @ 892-8069 and cell # 775-3739
Or Me
Judy Vars
(907) 373-8069


This is the way I cast my net e-mailing everyone asking for art, and I caught one a lovely lady named Lisa Wengo she does digital Alaskan fantasy art. She e-mailed me and invited Nikki and me to come to her studio in Anchorage and pick something out. So I had two reasons to drive to Anchor Town, one; drop off Salmon in the Sunbeams and two; pick up some donated art. Her art was so cool, photographs of women all ages and sizes set in a digital hyper reality she said of her art; Alaska In Fantasy, Real Alaskan people, Real Alaskan Places, with a twist. She had a book in the making mature Alaskan women as Goddesses, hummm I wonder which Goddess I'd pick to become? Here is her web-site check her out!
Alasaka In Fantasy
333 W. 4th Ave. Suite 6
Anchorage, AK closed Mondays

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Salmon in the Sunbeams

TITLE: Salmon in the Sunbeams
ARTIST: Judy Vars
METHOD: Indirect
DIMENSIONS: H. 10" X W. 20"
CREATED: January 2008

We are blessed with an abundance of wild Salmon in Alaska! The first time I saw one in Big Lake, Alaska at the mouth of the creek I couldn't believe it I thought I was looking at a miniature submarine. Once while I was walking along the creek I heard a loud swooshing noise, then I saw three big salmon racing up stream to spawn with their backs and fins out of the water, thrilling.
This salmon is lively and bright and with five or six coats of varnish it looks like stained glass. So I named her "Salmon in the Sunbeams."
I had a wonderful time painting it and posting my progress and how to paint indirect. I hope you like it; I do take commissions and charge about 1.00 a square inch unframed on a wrapped canvas with the sides painted.
If you want one please contact me:)
Thank you!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Mr and Mrs Salmon one of my bread and butter paintings

A client of mine Connie from Florida who bought "Salmon in the Shadows " at GCVA (Girdwood Center for the Visual Arts) called me and commissioned me to paint another one. Awesome, she wants it for her sister who lives in Anchorage. She told me her sister loves jewel tones, good!
I adore the beautiful jewel tones. She loves the way the light and shadow played on the canvas and the smooth even texture of the paint. So after my job I drove to Anchorage to buy the type of canvas that I need a 10" x 20" wrapped canvas, some oil paints and new brushes. I have painted many fish using the indirect method of oil painting, that is many layers of paint applied evenly and dried before the next layer is applied. It is a perfect way to paint fish in water. I will start tomorrow and post each phase of the painting describing the process as I go. It is a very methodical way to paint and takes time and patience but I really enjoy the process.

Above is another salmon painting, someone named Mr. and Mrs Salmon won this one on E-Bay on a make an offer listing. I don't do E-Bay anymore but perhaps should rethink that decision I did sell some art and have some good times buying other peoples art.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Shades of White

I'm in service again taking care of Thomas. He is a very dignified black man from Scotland and NYC. In his younger days he was a merchant marine and traveled all over this pretty planet. Right now I'm gently encouraging him to get ready for a doctors appointment, but it's cold outside and he is not in the mood. I will wait a few minutes and say lets go again because he won't remember his objections you see he has alzheimers. He is teaching me to live in the moment. Every so often he bids me to look outside and says "everything is so white" to keep my self busy (and sane) I photographed the view outside the window of Pioneer Peak every half hour the weather on the mountain is constantly changing. It's lovely to watch the weather outside the big picture window and be inside where it's warm and cozy by the fireplace.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Home and Mother

As I was writing my blog tonight and looking for words from a book I couldn't find.
Instead I found a old sentimental book titled "Home and Mother" I read this poem:

Just for today,
For you, I pray,
That God
Abide with you
that you may share
His loving care,
In all that
you may do.

And every day
I still will pray
Again this
same old prayer,
That for the day,
He'll guide your way,
And keep you
in his care.

A call from my relatives came saying my step mom has passed away about an hour ago. So Wanda this is for you! you're home with Dad and your Nanna now and I miss you already. I'm glad we had such a great phone call, but one question why didn't you tell me sooner you were so sick?
I could have told you sooner how much you mean to me. You were a great step mom.
i love you!
judy girl

Friday, January 04, 2008

Trout, Trout, Trout

This is my fat pretty trout I painted him last year or so, it didn't sell, so I cut him out and reworking him into an encaustic wax painting. It should look fantastic. More to come.
In the meantime I am having writers block "as if" anyway I'll blog soon when I can think of something to say.