Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's For The Children

Dear Artists:

This request is for my grandson Max and his class. Please take just a moment to consider this for the children.

Calling All Artists

Mrs. Tros multi-age classroom at the Midnight Sun Charter School is planning their tri-annual field trip to Washington, D.C. and is raising $60,000 to take our kids all the way from Alaska to our country’s capital!!!
An art auction is planned for mid February. We are asking for your tax deductible donations from artists:
· Original Art
· Prints
· Three dimensional art
· Carvings
All will be gratefully accepted. Please contact the art coordinator:
Nicole Barker @ 892-8069 and cell # 775-3739
Or Me
Judy Vars
(907) 373-8069


This is the way I cast my net e-mailing everyone asking for art, and I caught one a lovely lady named Lisa Wengo she does digital Alaskan fantasy art. She e-mailed me and invited Nikki and me to come to her studio in Anchorage and pick something out. So I had two reasons to drive to Anchor Town, one; drop off Salmon in the Sunbeams and two; pick up some donated art. Her art was so cool, photographs of women all ages and sizes set in a digital hyper reality she said of her art; Alaska In Fantasy, Real Alaskan people, Real Alaskan Places, with a twist. She had a book in the making mature Alaskan women as Goddesses, hummm I wonder which Goddess I'd pick to become? Here is her web-site check her out!
Alasaka In Fantasy
333 W. 4th Ave. Suite 6
Anchorage, AK closed Mondays


Anonymous said...

Hey :D I just got around to checking out your site! Thanx so much for the kind words. I was thrilled that you liked my work (((hugs))) You got a little if the info incorrect though ;) Its 333 w. 4th ave. Suit 6
Anchorage, Ak.
Love & Light to you,
Lisa Wingo

Judy Vars said...

Opps it's fixed