Monday, January 21, 2008

The Salmon in the Sunbeams

TITLE: Salmon in the Sunbeams
ARTIST: Judy Vars
METHOD: Indirect
DIMENSIONS: H. 10" X W. 20"
CREATED: January 2008

We are blessed with an abundance of wild Salmon in Alaska! The first time I saw one in Big Lake, Alaska at the mouth of the creek I couldn't believe it I thought I was looking at a miniature submarine. Once while I was walking along the creek I heard a loud swooshing noise, then I saw three big salmon racing up stream to spawn with their backs and fins out of the water, thrilling.
This salmon is lively and bright and with five or six coats of varnish it looks like stained glass. So I named her "Salmon in the Sunbeams."
I had a wonderful time painting it and posting my progress and how to paint indirect. I hope you like it; I do take commissions and charge about 1.00 a square inch unframed on a wrapped canvas with the sides painted.
If you want one please contact me:)
Thank you!

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