Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Shades of White

I'm in service again taking care of Thomas. He is a very dignified black man from Scotland and NYC. In his younger days he was a merchant marine and traveled all over this pretty planet. Right now I'm gently encouraging him to get ready for a doctors appointment, but it's cold outside and he is not in the mood. I will wait a few minutes and say lets go again because he won't remember his objections you see he has alzheimers. He is teaching me to live in the moment. Every so often he bids me to look outside and says "everything is so white" to keep my self busy (and sane) I photographed the view outside the window of Pioneer Peak every half hour the weather on the mountain is constantly changing. It's lovely to watch the weather outside the big picture window and be inside where it's warm and cozy by the fireplace.

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