Monday, February 04, 2008

If it aint one thang its another

Friday my daughter and sister/friend and their business partner Mindy called me to buy some NIKKEN home health care products before January ends, Charmaine needed to reach her monthy goal. They worked me hard but I needed more time there was still 24 hours to decide. Laura e-mailed me some testimonials about the KenkoWave infared treatment system it treats tendonitis arthritis, rheumatism, tendonitis, bachache, joint pain and psoirisis. I grumbled about how much the products cost. Then Laura made me a deal that I couldn't refuse. She commissioned me to paint something in trade. I say; "now yer talkin my language" after some more negoiations, We decided I would paint a raven.
They have loved me and encouraged my art endeavors for years telling me how much they love my creations. I started it immediately feeling so inspired to paint my oldest and dearest sister friend Laura and Alan from Vancouver a raven painting. It is turning out soooo great.
A week or so ago I dropped my camera and broke the button that takes the pictures so I sent it off to Olympus to repair, who knows how long that will take. So no new pictures of the piece.
This raven painting I did over 5 years ago. It's on my web site this is the one Alan liked best because the raven has character so I am basing my new paintings on this one. You're gonna love it!
Northern Lights Raven

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