Thursday, February 21, 2008

Today I Went To A Float Tank

Yes a float tank. It's been something I've wanted to do for about 15 years. Although I had a different idea of what it looked like, I imagined something more spacey and Star Trek like.
My experience of sensory deprivation was verrrrry interesting….I choose Enya to play rather than total silence. At first the Epsom burned my skin and don't whatever you do touch your eyes or they will sting and ruin the session. It took me awhile to get comfortable floating in 800 pounds of salt and 10 inches of water. The water temp was a motherly 93.6 after a bit I became accustomed to the feeling of no outside stimuli and began to relax imagining myself back in my mother’s womb. I could hear the music and I could sometimes hear the sounds of the yoga class it was muffled like I really was in a womb. I imagined myself in my warm cozy place loved and protected and being sustained with an umbilical cord reaching back through time and space. I was playing some and enjoying my watery world but I knew hour would end so I imagined being born, wondering what zodiac sign I would be?

The cool woman at the Blue Mountian Wellness Center with the nose piercing and Rastafarian hair asked me how it went. I told her the only thing that would add to the experience would be add some contractions, flush me down a watery slippery slide and slap me on the ass.

There is a book called The Book of Floating: Exploring the Private Sea by Michael Hutchinson, talks about experimenting with floating and psychedelic drugs the movie is a cult classic so I'll find the movie. Here is an excerpt from book:
Floatation is the ultimate tool for enhancing creativity. Creativity is as important for business people as it is for artists. Relaxation plays an important role in the creative process. It allows one to be calm and able to listen to their mind. While floating, you are able to view your life and business from a more objective perspective, where the answers to all your questions are apparent. You float effortlessly in a silky solution of Epsom salts saturated in body-temperature water. With all distractions eliminated, including light and sound, you easily enter a profound state of relaxation unlike anything you have experienced on planet earth.

To me the experience was like sex, at first I wasn't sure what exactly I was supposed to do and felt uneasy and inexperienced, but I was sure of one thing, I wanted do it again. I am going to float again very soon only next time there is going to be a masseuse waiting with warm towels and hot oil, Oh MAMMA
For more floating fun go to U-Tube
p.s. no phychotrophic drugs were used in my experience.


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