Thursday, March 06, 2008

My New Web Site Will Be Up Soon and I'm Catching Up To The Digital Age

I have my favorite computer geeks Josh and Brian at and they are going to start my web site all over again from scratch (for some reason my blog stopped accepting a Target allowing me to open links in a new window.) This time my site will be professionally done I think this will save me time and money in the long run. They know flash and do web site design so it is going to be new, different and fresh. I have alot of work to do myself deciding what image I want to project, gathering my art, writing descriptions, prices, check out, making a flo chart, taking pictures, deciding what I want a web-site to accomplish for me etc. etc. etc.
This may take a little while but we are in process............

I have been dealing with our new 42 Phillips HD inch flat screen TV. I thought I could just buy a new flat screen television, but nooooooo it needed play station III for blue ray movies, surround sound system, I needed a receiver so the sound system would work, fiber optic cable, a mile of wires, wire ties, a new credenza, (hubby put it together). Still we're not finished it needs a satellite cable box, Direct TV. It's insane! I resisted cable TV for years because I know how addicted I can become to television, but because they are shutting off the analog signal I had to get a new HD TV. Now I can surf the web, blog, check my e-mails and play War Craft in a split screen while watching Good Morning America (how nuts is that.) My living room is becoming a man cave. This weekend I plan to watch a double feature Pirates of the Caribbean and Spyder Man, there will be popcorn, candy, kids and grand kids.

Darn I missed The Apprentice, who did the Don fire Pearce or Omarosa? These things are important.

Ok not yet ready for U-tube yet.

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