Monday, March 17, 2008

Sometimes It's Not All About Me

Title: Begin Again
Artist: Karen Helton
Mixed Media
Price: 200.00

I picked out my favorite piece of art this weekend at G.C.V.A.
I love it! It looks like Tromp Ole in this photo, but is actually a twig, birds nest, feathers, and tiny beads.
The background is a beautiful palate with dark jewel tones (which I love). This is a wonderful, spiritual, uplifting, mixed media painting. I almost bought it.

My dear friends Mary and George sold their home in Girdwood and are moving to New Mexico. They were having a garage sale this weekend with antiques galore!. I bought tons of good stuff and she gave me even more booty, a whole box of Southwest Art magazines, antique frames, oil painting supplies, the baby tears plant that I admired, baskets, etc. etc.

Friends are relatives you make for yourself.
Eustache Deschamps
I concur.

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Judy Vars said...

Hi Judy,
I just visited your web/blog site. VERY NICE. Thank you so much for your kind words. It’s always nice to see someone understand what you were aiming at when creating a piece of art. Thanks for “getting it”. I’ll spend more time on your site when I get a chance. Hope the art auction is very successful.

Happy painting,