Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Salmon Update: and Six to 12 Inches of Snow

It's a snow day six inches of cold spring snow and still coming down. Today I wanted to stay home and paint but I had to keep some appointments so I dutifully dusted the snow off my car and drove off at 10:23 am, the radio said the Parks Highway is closed because of an accident with injuries. I waisted no time turning my car around grateful I heard the traffic report in time.
I painted all morning and most the afternoon, I even played Mozart.
I hope the people are doing OK, I hate it when I hear of an accident or someone was killed, there is always a chance that you know the person or heaven forbid.....

This is how the salmon looks today, I am waiting for some taxidermy eyes and praying that the oil paint stick that I used will be fully dry by May 4th drop off time.
I've nothing much to say tonight so I'll say; adieu adieu to you and you and you

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