Friday, April 25, 2008

A Spring Snow In Alaska plus Moss and Moose Turds

When the phone woke me up this morning at 9:00 am I was still warm and cozy under my down comforter snoring and dreaming. The party on the other end was embarrassed to have woken me up. How could I have been sleeping so soundly at that time of the morning? Then I looked outside and noticed it had snowed 5 to 6 inches and was still falling. The snow always makes me sleep so peacefully it's like a cozy cool comforter. Lately I love cold sheets and frosty pillows. Alaska is a good place for me espically when I'm going through memopause you know hot flashes and all............................................

This was taken 10 minutes ago at 10:pm

On my walk the other day I was looking for evidence of spring
and found this lovely moss ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

and moose turds ah Spring I can smell it in the air.

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randi said...

love love love the moose poop.