Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day 3

The instructor Dean Larson kept telling me to put darker values in the eye area finally he sat down in front of my painting and lightly glazed dark lines through the whole shadow area, now I get it, the values need to be in the same family. He daubed on some paint here and there and after he did that the painting improved immensely. Today was harder in the afternoon I had a hard time keeping my focus.
There is one guy in the class a 6o years old man that loves to talk about everything from speaking 5 languages fluently, to being the first tax collector in AK, working at the UN, being a nurse, but when he said he was a good fellow (mafia) in Chicago I realized he might delusional. But it was just non stop talking and about totally irrelevant things and personal stuff. I kept thinking how his wife must be enjoying peace and quiet. Finally I stepped out into the other room and discreetly put in my ear plugs and when I concentrated on my breathing in and out I could not hear a thing.
Was that rude? Was it just me? I hope he dosen't read this but its true yatta, yatta, yatta Blah, blah, blah non-stop.
The classroom has no ventilation and some people are complaining so it's not perfect still I look foreward to tomorrows painting class, even the talker.

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akfnp said...

what a lovely paintings judy. the talking man would have driven me to ear plugs too. next time you hear of a workshop like this, please drop me a line. looks like a great class.