Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Today I treated myself to this gorgeous Fushia Dark Eyes the petals look like ribbons, these plants will not survive the winters in Alaksa unless they have a green house, perhaps we can put it in the garage come winter. Our new garage has in in floor heat and will be cozier than our house. That is why I have not been blogging lately, we've been installing insulation and dry wall, it kicked my ass. The dirt man is coming this week then the gas and electricity needs to be hooked up and it is getting closer to completion. My mantra lately has been "Get Er Done" When I moved here everyone had houses in various stages of construction with Ty-Vec exterior. I said; no way! will I be one of those people with a house half finished for years, careful what you say, our the garage has been in stages for years! one neighbor commented; when will they put the roof on that thing? It was embarrassing, so this is the summer we will finally finish. The thing is huge, Peter will have his shop, I will have my paint booth there is room for two vehicles and lots of other things like a boat, Harley, ARGO, snow machines (2) etc. (I'm fantasizing really)

Every true Alaskan has a huge shop/garage for all their toys and hobbies so I'll get mine too. Here we all must make hay while the sun shines, because summer is so short we all get manic to do it all.

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