Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Whos Been Sleeping In My Bed? or out with the yin and in with the yang

Ok-yes i know how you feel about dead animals me too, I love them alive and left alone in nature to be themselves, however I noticed something today, that we had 2 moose antlers, dall sheep skull, bison horns, moose skull musk ox horns, baleen, reindeer antlers, whale vertebrae, fox skin, wolf skin, raven skull, bear skin, even mastodon tusk and other assorted bones and such. Peter is a carver so they collect over time, YIKES! how did I let my house get over run with bones and such?
Our friend Sheryl gave Peter this black bear skin saying she had no place for it anymore, (like I do) still I accepted the gift. I am leaving it on the bed as a joke for Peter. As for the rest of the things I put them into a big box and took them out to the old outhouse/shed, hopefully he will not miss them for a while. It was all feeling way, way to yin (masculine) for me, now that they have been taken out and the atmosphere in the house is less heavy and dense and balance has been restored temporally at least.
Spring has finally arrived to my corner of Alaska, I had the windows washed, raked some leaves next I will plant flowers, fill the bird feeders and my tree hammock awaits. The ice left the lake today and the loons returned last night waking me up to their loud beautiful call. I wonder if I could get a recording of it and put it on my blog for others to enjoy???
p.s. I was told to bring them back inside lest they detriorate. $%$#^%&^%$T ohhh he makes me so mad sometimes.

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