Thursday, June 19, 2008

Funkey Vintage Anagram Game Pieces

Art to Wear....Anagram Game Peices
Judy Vars

As if I don't have enough things to occupy myself with, for the last two days I have been in production on these alphabet charms. I have had this box of Anagrams for years waiting for an idea then I found it, in a magazine, my embossed anagrams converted into necklaces and selling for $17.00 each.
I nagged and nagged my daughter to do it for me (she loves to sodder) but night before last I dreamt all night about those Anagrams all night long, so I got up and asked her if I could borrow her sodder iron, she was reluctant but couldn't very well say no; since she is the borrower. This is my first attempt and perhaps my last because each one took 30 minutes to produce. If I sell 4 I will break even, I made just 30.

Please check out my e-bay auctions they are pretty cool.
To get to my auction go to and put my name into the search Judy Vars and my listings should pop up, click on one and then say View Sellers Other Items.
I can't seem to link up my blog directly to the auctions, drat I'll work on it some more.

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