Saturday, June 07, 2008

In My Backyard

In my backyard I am blessed with animals all around me, there is the squirrel that lives in the tree nearby; I like this one because he doesn’t live in my walls. The picky chickadees want only sunflower seeds, a robin that keeps dive bombing me. I love the shy muskrat that lives under the dock. He has been here at least 7 years every night he comes home very late cutting a path through the lake; he is getting so huge I thought he was an otter! The two loons that come here every year and raise a young one, the swans that stop by for awhile then move on, an eagle comes from somewhere to hunt (beware little poodles), the ducks, the trout, dragonflies, countless critters cohabitate with me in my little slice of paradise. When I see a spider in my bathtub I’ll ignore it or take it outside, bees don’t bug me either. I wish we had snakes in Alaska they would be welcome in my backyard also.
When I am feeling all stormy and blue, I remember that I am alive in this improbable place and I am fortunate to be so blessed in so many countless ways.

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