Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shameless Self Promotion for the Salmon

VOTE FOR A Natural Beauty at 50

See it at: Once In A Blue Moon corner of 4th Ave. and F Street, Anchorage, Alaska

This year the numbers of early salmon returning to the rivers in the Mat-Su to lay their eggs has been sparse the subsistence fisherman who rely on the salmon to feed their families and the local industry is suffering. People are asking why? I'm just a layman, but did anyone think of the commercial fishing boats from Japan, Norway and everywhere else in the ocean hauling up salmon by the millions, could they be depleting this natural resource? It seems obvious to me but then again I'm not a biologist or a rocket scientist.
They are just earning a living - right? Why is it that people can't/don't stop being greedy until all the fish are gone, gone, gone. On the other hand farmed salmon pollute the oceans, have parasites and and taste bland. There are no easy answers.

For you sport fishermen and fisher women go ahead have fun take your fishing gear and land yourself one of these beauties, not ((10)) that's different. Wild salmon live freely. They swim thousands of miles in clean cold water and jump waterfalls. Their lives are a challenging circular journey. They provide a feast for the gray whale, the brown bear, and the bald eagle. We are honored to share this feast, therefore we should preserve one of Alaska's greatest resources and limit the amount of salmon that we take.

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