Monday, June 02, 2008

The Child From the Sea

Title: Beth
Medium: Oil
Size: H. 20" X W. 18"
Price: 299.00

The child awoke with the sun, as was her custom, and shot up instantly from the nest of blankets, her brown feet reahing for the uneven floor almost before she had rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. She was one of the vital Quicksilver children born beneath a star. Even when her father roared at her, "For God's sake child standstill!" she was tense as springy heather beneath his hand on the top of her head, and the moment he lifted it to aim a clumsy blow at her backside she was gone and his language, once more, was cross that her gentle mother bore with such patience.
Excerpt: The Child From the Sea by Elizabeth Goudge
I love old Gothic romance novels and this is story is one of my favoritesIt's time to reread it. The book has been out of print since the 70s but Elizabeth Goudge's books are coming back. There is a part in the book where Charles II playes his violin for the seals, its so rich I love it.

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