Friday, July 11, 2008

The Bear Paw Festival and Friends and Family

We had fun today with my daughter and grandsons at the Bear Paw Festival in Eagle River. I painted a siewalk picture Starry Night as a fund raiser to get Shawn Stockwell a new heart. Which is ironic because before I left I stopped in the hospital to see my friend Sherill who is in a coma and dying because she could not her new liver in time. This is for you Sherill, I love you, when you get there save me a dance.
Ok so my painting is skewed too much village and not enough sky and what about the church steeple it's so big. Still it was great fun to be there with my grandsons and daughter doing something good.
The Valley Performing Arts wants Max and Jackson to audition for A Christmas Story, they were so excited they wanted to rent the movie on the way home. They are both very talented actors and musicans and brilliant kids, I'm not saying it because they are my grand kids, it's true, they could play the leading roles. Everyone thinks Jackson looks exactly like Mc Culley Culkin in Home Alone.

I'm going to take a hot bath.


annie kelleher said...

sorry to hear about your friend...i know how hard that is...but the pictures are great... and yeah,.... he DOES look like the kid from home alone!

Judy Vars said...

she died yesterday Saturday surrounded with all her kids and lots of friends. It was funny when we got out the sage and started to rub it on her feet, the nurse rushed in suspiciously and demanded to know what we were doing. We said just rubbing sage on her feet incase she wants to take a journey. The nurse just left in confusion. Sherill was loves greatly.