Sunday, July 06, 2008

My Week In Girdwood

Back again the best part of working in Girdwood Center For the Visual Arts was my digs for the week, check it out baby! it even had a hot tub and a beautiful view. I can't believe my good fortune, a room in a B&B rents for $150.00 per night and the Alyeska Hotel is much more. Even though I had a georgeous little cabin, total privacy and a hot tub, I missed my friend Mary McCoy who left Gridwood and the Gallery recently after 17+ years of service to the gallery. They went to New Mexico for a new adventure. Mary was the heart and soul of our little artists co-opp taking care of all the money and most the details she has more energy than three 25 year olds. I love and admire her very much. The powers that be said NO FOREST FAIR THIS YEAR!! so with Mary gone and the Forest Fair cancelled; Girdwood felt like a vacuum to me so working helped. The 4th of July was the biggest day so far and I worked alone, it was great to talk to many people and let my natural salesman out and yes I did promote myself and my art at every opportunity; I got three new commissions.
An attractive middleaged couple walked in and I said; Happy 4th of July, the lady says in a uppity English accent; "were British, and its just a bother for us," another tourist says: "Well just don't forget who won the Revolution," she says; what did you ever give us? and I said you got Bennedict Arnold back, the banter went on for a little longer and exit our British cousins. We all laughed and mockingly said "we hope we didn't offend them" but of course we did.
Peter came on Friday and Saturday we had a good day going on a Potters Studio Tour and even bought some pottery. Then we went to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center and later a soak and dinner. Here of some photos I took...

They just went for it tearing and ripping the heart, liver, entrails does it get any more grizzly than this?

This herd of bison are in quarantine for two years then they will be released into the wild.
Are you lookin at me.
Ahhhhh the sweet rarefied air of Alaska.

p.s. This morning before we left we were walking to breakfast and saw a mama black bear and three cubs! They were just walking in someones backyard, I wanted to get a photo but didn't have my camera ready.

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