Monday, July 28, 2008

RAIN, RAIN RAIN and I Can Change

It's rained more this summer than any other time its been steady for more than two weeks. Everytinng is so soggy and moldy. We get only a short summer anyway, it's not fair.

When I asked my other mother Vilate if I could stay at her home in Salt Lake and she said "you are as welcome as rain." So perhaps I will bring the rain to the desert. I'd love a good thunder and lightning storm. They are rare here in Alaska. I miss crickets, dark hot summer nights, my family.

I changed my blog template to blue it contrasts my art and photographs nicely, don't you think?
Oh Shit! I lost all my links to my other blogger friends and artists and me with no back up, thats what they meant by "you will lose any customizations you have made to your blog." Be patient with me it may take me some time to get it together.

Today I followed my list and worked very hard on everything except making art even Joy my shedding dog got a bath. There are so many things asking for my attention, still I can only really do one thing at a time and only what's in front of me.

If this damn rain would go away I might get out and paint the water lillies off my dock.


annie kelleher said...

ack!! two weeks of rain, non stop?!! sounds like seattle!!! :))) you are welcome to come to connecticut... but it probably would feel too much like alaska!!! :)))

Judy Vars said...

Today the sun came out so all my whining and bitching worked! Thanks for the invite I may come to connecticut