Monday, July 21, 2008

Urban Triptych #2

Title: Urban Triptych #2
Artist: Judy Vars
Size: 3 12" X 12" wooden squares
Medium: Encaustic Beeswax and Found Objects

This was commissioned by a lady in Houston, Texas. I love doing work for people and exceeding expectations however you never know if they will love it or not.

Peter asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I said "A PARTY!"
omg What was I thinking?
I have a hundred things to do;! I must begin to make lists, with lists I can get more things done and pretend that I have got things under control.

Control, what an illusion that one is. Lately I have been controlling less and some funny conquiGods (a word we use around here to describe coincidences where God seems to have helped) keep happening. I love those little miracles, those times when there is a space to just let things happen and trust the universe to deliver, then people and incredible coincidendes conspire for the good. It's as if angels are whispering in my ear telling me to just relax and let the good things happen.

See this is why I don't get more done, I'm so easily distracted.
Today I will suit up and show up, do what is in front of me to the best of my ability and trusting the outcome is for the highest good.
Now, get off your ass and make some lists and get er done.

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