Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Very Own One-Of-A-Kind Doll, Alaska Judy

While on my journey I connected with a great old sister/friend Linda Kitson, in her former life she was a midwife and a spiritual teacher now she is an artist, which I believe says volumes about her. This doll came today all the way from Gold Hill, Nevada, she is my doll Alaska Judy, she asked to be created and choose her own unique look and style, she is carrying a backpack with sage, sweet grass for smudging, colored pencils, paper and a blanket.

Linda also gave me a Mother Peace reading, It was so enlightening and inspirational, I gleaned so much helpful information from that reading, like do mirror work for my self esteem issues, ie; I love you, you are beautiful, and It's OK to be alone that I am a creative solitaire, people don't need to understand my need to sometimes isolate, it society's restraints that make me feel that something is wrong with me or my desire to be alone. I am learning to love myself and will do whatever it takes I have it in me! I have been trying to hold things together in my life while handling inner and outer achievement, but am forcing too much. Keep my goals in mind and stay focused on loving myself and expressing through my artistic creations. Get to work make it real, initiate with fire influence others, choose a symbolic name, create captivating art. The last card the Star: Let your beauty shine through accept transformation. With the divine female presence. Your ego is her ego, you are she, you are the Goddess, Love Itself.

WoW! Does it get any better than that?

Blessed Be
Alaska Judy

Alaska Judy standing next to her most infamous creation the cross eyed plagiarizion of Mona Lisa.

p.s. sorry about the music it will stop when August is over.

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annie kelleher said...

i love it!!! the motherpeace deck is my favorite tarot. it is the first deck i was ever able to read simply by looking at the cards- no peek at the instruction book needed!