Friday, August 29, 2008

I Woke Up This Morning in Bizarre-O-World aka The Twilight Zone

After staying up late last night watching Barrack Obamas powerful acceptance speech. I was sleeping in a few extra minutes having a good dream when Peter woke me up with a cup of coffee and saying; Sarah Palin our pretty governor and former mayor of Wasilla, was John McCains V.P. Republican running mate? That was a lot to take in even while sleep was still clouding my brain. Super mom of 5, extremely conservative, enthusiastic hockey mom, very competent, beauty queen, lifetime member of the NRA (I call her miss goody two shoes with dirty bloomers). But now she has the potential to be the President of the Free World! Are living in bizarre-o-world?

Ok, I've tried not to use my blog to vent my liberal political views, someone once called me a closet Democrat, but this is latest has brought me out-of-the-closet. Sarah represents more of the old paradigm, drill for more oil, and drill for more gold, use our resources for greedy gain until there is no more for anyone. Example in the primary election Alaskans were asked to vote on prop 4 which was a bill to protect Bristol Bay and the salmon streams from the toxic poison like cyanide that will be created by the new Pebble Mine. The prop was voted down, I felt as betrayed as when OJ got away with murder. Miss Palin spoke up that day and said she would vote no on the proposition 4 to protect the water saying she trusts the laws already in place. With an 89 percent approval rating she is a very popular lady and most people listen. Don't forget she is onboard with the war in Iraq and her oldest son enlisted.

I wonder if the rest of the US will see it for what it is; a feeble attempt for Republicans to jump on the theme of change and put a woman on the ticket. Did you notice how uncomfortable Mr. McCain looked during her speech and did you see how Cindy was discretely checking out her butt?
Oh please just don’t get me started ……………how bizarre, how bizarre.


annie kelleher said...

dear judy - i am so very sorry if you felt my post on the cranky crone was an insult to the people of alaska. i hope i made it clear i was simply reposting something someone had sent to me. i am so glad you agree with me that she is a TERRIBLE choice... sigh.

Judy Vars said...

I didn't take it that way what she said about the red necks in Wasilla goes for the whole state.
It's so very strange she was picked but perhaps good for Obama and the rest of the country that really wants to see a better world.

akfnp said...

im with ya judy. my hubby called to tell me the news and i laughed, loud. then learned he wasnt joking.

P.A. GIbbons said...

Judy; I was going to write you and ask what you thought of her...being that she was mayor of your town. Instead I read your blog this morning and I got all I needed to hear.

To me it made McCain look like a bigger ass to do that. BUT there are a lot of supporters out there who still don't know shit. SIGH. Guess I am going to have to write another political blog. Can I use any of your blog for mine? Being that you actually KNOW this person? I can keep it anonymous or paraphrase etc.



Judy Vars said...

Yes Patti, go ahead and use my blog. I could bag somemore but I will take the high road.