Thursday, September 25, 2008

VAA Portrait Demonstration at Sophia's Cafe Neo

if needed
Talya paints linseed oil on the canvas then she begins the painting with philo green as the shadows and values and the skin tones are varying mixes of magenta, yellow, philo green, white. She said get the bone structure or head shape right and you have the likeness of the person. Talya works with a strong pigmented palette and just goes for it in a free and confident way. I love her style rich and juicy check it out for yourself

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm not Bragging but this is what I did today

The dogs were barking up a storm so I got up from the comfy warm bed to see what was awry. This young moose was in the front yard eating daises.
What A beautiful day I said to no one imparticular, I think I will go fishing.
So I riggid my boat with the electric motor, took my fly rod, coffee and camera and set out determined to catch a fish.
The sun is coming out and the sky is blue what a rare surprise. But the fish were not jumping or biting.

I saw the loons fishing and planning their trip south. The Swans are still here stocking up on fish before their trip to Florida.

Look at me I got one! After I came back I snagged one right off the dock with my secret bait... susssssh its shrimp.

Monday, September 22, 2008

There is a Season Turn Turn Turn

Monday, Monday and the first day of fall. It's a new week thank God!. Last week was an emotional rollercoaster, dealing with difficult people, my old friend who hates to be told no, has a gallery, successful real estate business, gift shop. I sent her a painting 3 years ago and wanted to be paid for it, instead she threw up to me the sweater she left in my car after I visited her in L.A. 28 years ago (I sent her the sweater back, lo so many years later and said keep the painting). Another bi-polar friend sending me and others over the edge e-mails. Me bending over backwards to do someone else a requested favor without saying a thank you, instead giving me attitude, husband acting manic, grown up kids with car troubles, another step son who needs chauffeuring around, listening to people who think they have all the answers, run away dogs, etc. etc. on and on.
Did I mention the stock market crash? I can say in each instance I handled it with emotional maturity and grace. Still I’m drained.

I surprised my self by actually finishing a painting then I threw sparkles at it.

Today is the first day of autumn a new season a new beginning. To every thing turn, turn, turn there is a season, a time for peace; I swear it’s not too late.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I'm sorry I just couldn't help myself, funny right? While our economy crashes we can all laugh at politics to keep from crying.
The picture of Sarah in a bikini holding a rifle has been deleated in the intrest of good taste.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Almost an International Incident

While waiting to board the train from Denali some Russian tourists decided it would be funny to take down the American Flag turn it upside down and have their pictures taken. Really! I'm not kidding.

Well just as soon as others noticed they started to complain, a family of women on their annual excursion three sisters, Mom and granddaughter walked up to the rowdy Russians and proceeded to give them a good old fashioned lecture on proper flag etiquette, what it means when the flag is turned over. Flying the American flag upside down is a type of SOS signal of dire distress in instances or extreme danger to life or property. The women also reprimanded them on being a proper representative and ambassador for their country. They looked quite ashamed as they should be. I'm so glad the women stepped in because Mr. Purple Heart and Mr. Hells Angels were stepping foreword menacingly cracking their knuckles ready to kick some rooskey ass. Luckily they were all safe in their own train car and safe from the pissed off American men who complained that the cold war never really ended and other macho bull shit. Take note men this is how women solve problems with some good old fashioned finger wagging tongue lashing. I do not condone what the Russians did I am the most patriotic person I know and love my country wholeheartedly faults and all.

Fortunately they got the message and without an international incident.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wasilla to Denali State Park on the Alaska Railroad or another lame slide show

We are on an adventure. Today we are relaxing, buying souvenirs, having coffee and using the cafe internet, neet. The weather is crisp and the season is winding down. I am taking pictures and documenting our get away and will make a slide show for you. Tonight a family style dinner theatre about the 1900's should be a brawdy good time. More to come....xoxo judy

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Bear River Massacre

South Mountain, Franklin County, Idaho
Size: W. 38" X H. 27"
Medium: OIL
Artist: Judy Vars

I loved doing this painting of a place in my heart, this mountain was part of a canyon where the Bear River Massacre took place one of the most shameful battles in American history.
More than 400 Shoshoni occupied a winter camp that offered ideal protection in Battle Creek Canyon. But they suffered a disaster unmatched in western history when Connor's Force struck at daybreak, January 29, 1863. It was a bloody conflict where even women and children fought fiercely, in the end they were defeated by the troops from California. The unruly troop raped women, burned the huts, stole the horses and left the survivors to freeze to death.

Why do I call this small mountain a place in the heart? It is because it was a landmark on the way to my grandmother’s house in Weston, Idaho. The stillness and loneliness of this place I recalled while painting this scene. The railroad tracks, the wind, the fields, the bees, the hay and a hot August day.
Remembering one frozen January years past driving with my mother to Grandmothers house, we drove for miles and miles not seeing a car, a person or any sign of life; it was so still and so cold so very cold. This scene seemingly unchanged is etched in my memory forever a place in my heart.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Fish Fry & Buy live auction at the Sheraton in Anchorage

I was there at the fancy fish fry auction for the Salmon. It was interesting to see the folks all dressed up in their finery, getting all juiced up on wine and champagne and bidding big money on the Salmon. Mayor Begich was there with other political types also his good looking and nice 14 year old son who bid big money on one of the salmon.

The Rock Star of the night was the Glam Slam the Lure of Our 49th State it sold for a whopping $5,400.00. Cell phones were ringing, people posturing and negotiating it was high stakes and finance. Mine sold at a decent $1,500, they put my face on the wide screens dimples and all (good grief did I ask for all this attention?) Bob of KWHALE said it looked just like it came out of the stream. Anyway it was a blast and I hope to get to do it again.
A Natural Beauty at 50! swims away further upstream to get laid; lay her eggs and finish her cycle.

Incindentely if you would like one of your own just contact me through this blog and we can negociate. I'll be in Girdwood at the Girdwood Center for the Visual Arts tomorrow. (907) 355-2219

Thursday, September 04, 2008

You're So Hot! and This and That

For some more Sarah fun visit this blog
Here is an e-mail from a Wasillaite that knows quite alot about Palin the Pitt Bull
Alaskan bloggers got real busy since Gov Sarah got the VP nomination, everyone everywhere googled her. Problem was they looked at one of my older posts 2/18/2007 and did not read my current blog. Now the country has seen Sarah's acceptance speech and what a charismatic politician she can be. Either way history will be made in about 60 days. Did you notice how the press this morning were blaming the blogger sphere for starting the nasty roomers about her family. What a joke, you did not have to report what the bloggs were saying! But really I don't want to get into political discussions on my blog. From where I am sitting everyone looks rediculous.
I have a new family friend a miniature Yorkshire Terrier he was wandering around the neighborhood lost so we tried to find his owners, we checked to see if he has a satellite chip or anyone put up lost dog signs but as of yet no luck. If I find his people that would be a great ending but for now I am taking care of my little Buddy. He is simply the cutest little dog and has the best personality but likes to run off.

I am working on the first knife painting ever and it's truning out awesome I will post photos in a few days.

Tomorrow is the Fancy Fish Fry Banquet and Auction for the Salmon on Parade I'll be there.