Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Almost an International Incident

While waiting to board the train from Denali some Russian tourists decided it would be funny to take down the American Flag turn it upside down and have their pictures taken. Really! I'm not kidding.

Well just as soon as others noticed they started to complain, a family of women on their annual excursion three sisters, Mom and granddaughter walked up to the rowdy Russians and proceeded to give them a good old fashioned lecture on proper flag etiquette, what it means when the flag is turned over. Flying the American flag upside down is a type of SOS signal of dire distress in instances or extreme danger to life or property. The women also reprimanded them on being a proper representative and ambassador for their country. They looked quite ashamed as they should be. I'm so glad the women stepped in because Mr. Purple Heart and Mr. Hells Angels were stepping foreword menacingly cracking their knuckles ready to kick some rooskey ass. Luckily they were all safe in their own train car and safe from the pissed off American men who complained that the cold war never really ended and other macho bull shit. Take note men this is how women solve problems with some good old fashioned finger wagging tongue lashing. I do not condone what the Russians did I am the most patriotic person I know and love my country wholeheartedly faults and all.

Fortunately they got the message and without an international incident.


annie kelleher said...

wow.. fortunately they did. alas... i think you're right that that is how MOST women would handle the situation... SOME women... might not :) looking forward to seeing more of your photos!! im checking out that guy's website!!!! ty for the link!

P.A. GIbbons said...

I did not know that about the SOS part. Very interesting.

However my diplomacy at times can be rough, especially if I am PMSing or having bad cramps. (like now) and I feel very evil.

My students better watch themselves......lol.


Judy Vars said...

Yes you're right PMS might drive me to lock and load too.