Monday, September 22, 2008

There is a Season Turn Turn Turn

Monday, Monday and the first day of fall. It's a new week thank God!. Last week was an emotional rollercoaster, dealing with difficult people, my old friend who hates to be told no, has a gallery, successful real estate business, gift shop. I sent her a painting 3 years ago and wanted to be paid for it, instead she threw up to me the sweater she left in my car after I visited her in L.A. 28 years ago (I sent her the sweater back, lo so many years later and said keep the painting). Another bi-polar friend sending me and others over the edge e-mails. Me bending over backwards to do someone else a requested favor without saying a thank you, instead giving me attitude, husband acting manic, grown up kids with car troubles, another step son who needs chauffeuring around, listening to people who think they have all the answers, run away dogs, etc. etc. on and on.
Did I mention the stock market crash? I can say in each instance I handled it with emotional maturity and grace. Still I’m drained.

I surprised my self by actually finishing a painting then I threw sparkles at it.

Today is the first day of autumn a new season a new beginning. To every thing turn, turn, turn there is a season, a time for peace; I swear it’s not too late.


annie kelleher said...

may it be so! i think the full moon last week made everyone crazy. :)

P.A. GIbbons said...

I hate to say this....but I have gotten rid of a few difficult friends who really weren't good quality friends. I am never rude, but they sort of got faded out gradually...I don't have enough time for all the people that are truly wonderful in my life never mind the ones who drain me. Just be wise. NICE FISH IN YOUR OTHER BLOG BY THE WAY. I used to tie flies and fish, many years ago...