Thursday, September 04, 2008

You're So Hot! and This and That

For some more Sarah fun visit this blog
Here is an e-mail from a Wasillaite that knows quite alot about Palin the Pitt Bull
Alaskan bloggers got real busy since Gov Sarah got the VP nomination, everyone everywhere googled her. Problem was they looked at one of my older posts 2/18/2007 and did not read my current blog. Now the country has seen Sarah's acceptance speech and what a charismatic politician she can be. Either way history will be made in about 60 days. Did you notice how the press this morning were blaming the blogger sphere for starting the nasty roomers about her family. What a joke, you did not have to report what the bloggs were saying! But really I don't want to get into political discussions on my blog. From where I am sitting everyone looks rediculous.
I have a new family friend a miniature Yorkshire Terrier he was wandering around the neighborhood lost so we tried to find his owners, we checked to see if he has a satellite chip or anyone put up lost dog signs but as of yet no luck. If I find his people that would be a great ending but for now I am taking care of my little Buddy. He is simply the cutest little dog and has the best personality but likes to run off.

I am working on the first knife painting ever and it's truning out awesome I will post photos in a few days.

Tomorrow is the Fancy Fish Fry Banquet and Auction for the Salmon on Parade I'll be there.

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