Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm not Bragging but this is what I did today

The dogs were barking up a storm so I got up from the comfy warm bed to see what was awry. This young moose was in the front yard eating daises.
What A beautiful day I said to no one imparticular, I think I will go fishing.
So I riggid my boat with the electric motor, took my fly rod, coffee and camera and set out determined to catch a fish.
The sun is coming out and the sky is blue what a rare surprise. But the fish were not jumping or biting.

I saw the loons fishing and planning their trip south. The Swans are still here stocking up on fish before their trip to Florida.

Look at me I got one! After I came back I snagged one right off the dock with my secret bait... susssssh its shrimp.


annie kelleher said...

wow!!! that is so cool!! a moose in your front yard eating daisies!!! wow!! and what a beautiful place alaska is... looks like you had a great day... so go ahead and brag! :)

Joern said...

It looks sooo beautiful. Sometimes (not always) i wish i could hide somewhere there. Perhaps i do somewhere by the way - and bring some shrimp-bait with me;)
Greets from faraway