Thursday, October 30, 2008

Yes it Here Halloween

This is for Rhaya, Max and Jackson

Eye Candy

Title: Eye Candy
Medium: Oil
Size: 4" x 4" x 1/2' canvas panel
Price 39.00
Artist: Judy Vars

“My eyes are an ocean in which my dreams are reflected.”

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Always Winging It

Title: Always Winging It
Medium: Oil
Dimensions: H:16" W.20"
Price: 195.00
Artist: Judy Vars

My dear Sweet sister/friend Michelle gave me this little toy cell phone with Tinker Bell on it and when you open it it makes a fairy sound and when you press the button it says "always winging it". I open this phone frequently to give myself a lift and a smile. Porter my son says; Mom winging it is not a good thing. So we debate, to me the definition of winging it is: To step out on a limb and try something new with a childlike faith that it will all turn out.
My sons definition is: not being prepared, therefore not being able to put the necessary time and effort into completing a task thoroughly and with the utmost quality.

Who has the right brain and who has the big brain? What's your opinion?
Are you winging it or bringing it? check out this blog
This wing painting was inspired by these conversations. Always Winging It - it's a good thing (in my opinion).

Monday, October 27, 2008


Is it Halloween yet? Because The spooks are alive and coming to visit early. This is what I saw outside my window tonight. REALLY REALLY.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Meet Mr. Buddy Buddars

The universe brought me this little dog on my birthday. I wished for a cute little dog and when I got back from my "Sentimental Journey" my wish was granted. This cute little guy was hanging around playing with Benson the chocolate lab. I got him in a-round-about way. A neighbor that I don't really know got this dog for his girlfriend but her dogs were mean to buddy and so they gave the dog to Jim our close neighbor who is pushing 80.
Now Jim took quite a shine to Buddy, but Buddy kept running over to our house to play and hang out with us.
At my birthday party I thought Jim was going to give me Buddy instead I got a card that said; I got you nothin for your birthday. A few weeks later Jim decided to give me Buddy afterall.
Now Buddy and I go everywhere together he's great company, he is already trained to do several tricks and is very smart and clever, we have matching green sweaters, and he looks cool in his glow in the dark skeleton costume. Don't you think?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Are You Scared Yet? Just wait until Halloween!

funkey skeleton art by Susan Moore

TITLE: Are You Scared Yet?
ARTIST: Judy Vars
MEDIUM: Encaustic Wax Painting
PRICE: $55.00

This is a spooky piece for the Halloween Party at Firefly Gallery. See you there October 29, 30, and 31, 419 L. Street, downtown Anchorage. I just rented one wall of gallery space to show off my dark art. Please if you are local come by we'll be having a howling good time.
Some man the other day looked at my clouds in Girdwood and said you need to cheer up and lighten your mood. I say not until after Halloween, some people are so critical ehhh.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Witches - Baba Yaga

TITLE:Baba Yaga
ARTIST:Judy Vars
PRICE: 195.00
SIZE: 20" X 16"
Framed With Old Barnwood
Baba Yaga

She is a Slavic ogress who voyages across the skies with Death, her companion. Sometimes she travels in a flying cauldron, sometimes in a mortar, with a pestle as a rudder, steering through the clouds, In her wake boil tempests, hurricanes, tornadoes. She steals children, and if they are particularly unlucky, she eats them.

Her home is a hut perched atop a giant chicken claw that hops continually; causing her house to twirl in the air, the picker fence around this curious dwelling is crowned with the skulls of children.

Parents warn their unruly progeny that she will come to take them if they don’t behave. She is thus a kind of Slavic bogey-person, but is also rumored that she controls inspiration and creativity-not unlike the White Goddess.

Witches by Erica Jong

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ghosty Girl

TITLE:Ghosty Girl #2
MEDIUM: Encaustic Collage
ARTIST: Judy Vars
PRICE: 120.00

Once Upon a Time I was staying overnight at a retreat the Saint Mary's Art Center formally the old hospital in Virginia City, Nevada. Virginia City was a boom town with something going on 24 hours a day for its nearly 30,000 residents. There were visiting celebrities, Shakespeare plays, opium dens, newspapers, competing fire companies, fraternal organizations, at least five police precincts, a thriving red-light district, and the first Miner's Union in the U.S. The International Hotel was six stories high and boasted the West's first elevator, called a rising room, instant millionaires built ostentatious mansions. Today the town has less than 500 residents.
I was a denizn of Virginia City for a time, it drew me there like a magnet. I can tell you from experience the town is haunted!

I lived in town but the ladies at the artist retreat invited me to stay overnight. We had some fun getting ready for bed, putting our hair in curlers and telling stories about our family.
Soon I fell asleep, then I was awakened by a sound like an old wood screen door banging. I fell back asleep and soon experienced the feeling of someone stroking my neck and running their fingers sensuously down the inside of my arm and palm and talking softly in my ear. I remember how good it felt and then I woke up saying: "Oh shit! this is real!". I rose from my bed to explore the haunted hospital, sometimes I wonder why and where I got the courage to explore the halls of this abandoned hospital alone but I did. The hair on the back my neck was standing up my fear was palpable (it tastes metallic). Out through the window at the end of the hallway was the old cemetery named Our Mother of Sorrows, the full moon was casting tombstone moon shadows on the ground. I took a ghost picture on the grass in front of the hospital which I have since lost. I am haunted still today by the town and the spirits in my dreams.

The next morning I asked the ladies if they noticed anything unusual and they said noooooo??? So I kept my nocturnal adventures to myself.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Did you Miss me? I've Been Real Naughty with my postings So Spank Me!

My artist girlfriend Sharon Harris just got back from Paris! What a lucky lady, she rented a chateau with some other artists, they painted, ate, shopped, visited the Louve. I asked her to bring me some erotic post cards and she brought me some real good ones. Finally someone who understands my quirky sense of humor. This one is too funny. don't you think? If you're nice I'll post another one. If my photoshop was installed I'd pink up her ass cheeks a little.
Is that man smiling? The sadistic bastard.

The weekend went well with the Alaska Art Education Assoc. Fall Conference. Saturday night I attended a banquet and met some interesting people in the Alaska art scene. My art donation was acutioned at a good price and my encaustic painting classes were very popular. If given the opportunity I'd do it again. The art teachers made some great encaustic paintings. They seemed to pick up the techniques right away, unlike me who struggled at first with the wax. But I am doing my part to spread "the cult of the wax."

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I'm sorry about the John Denver music

my computer crashed two weeks ago. I was going to take the song off as it made me sound like I had one foot in the grave. My computer been with my personal computer geeks who are installing three extra internal hard drives for all the thousands of photographs I've been taking not to mention a data base of all my artwork for 10 years, my mailing lists and all my art busisness data. YIKES My geeks have been putting me and my computer needs on the back burner while they go other places to make better money and go out of town to play their heavy metal music.
My web site is stalled, everything is going at a snails pace, it's quite frustrating.

This weekend I will be conducting two three hour seminars to demonstrate and give some hands on experience with encaustic wax techniques at The Alaska Art Education Association Fall Conference.

I will be back with you when my computer is fixed.
Thank you for stopping by.