Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Always Winging It

Title: Always Winging It
Medium: Oil
Dimensions: H:16" W.20"
Price: 195.00
Artist: Judy Vars

My dear Sweet sister/friend Michelle gave me this little toy cell phone with Tinker Bell on it and when you open it it makes a fairy sound and when you press the button it says "always winging it". I open this phone frequently to give myself a lift and a smile. Porter my son says; Mom winging it is not a good thing. So we debate, to me the definition of winging it is: To step out on a limb and try something new with a childlike faith that it will all turn out.
My sons definition is: not being prepared, therefore not being able to put the necessary time and effort into completing a task thoroughly and with the utmost quality.

Who has the right brain and who has the big brain? What's your opinion?
Are you winging it or bringing it? check out this blog
This wing painting was inspired by these conversations. Always Winging It - it's a good thing (in my opinion).


annie kelleher said...

i love that picture!! its how the sky looked this evening as the clouds blew away!! and im more of a winger than a bringer, i suppose... i think :)

Judy Vars said...

I'm watching OBama and hes bringing it! definitely not winging it.

Dabs said...

Hey Judy... drop me an email when you get a chance. I am planning on returning to Alaska to live... alone... and in need of some artsy friends... and friends in general.

P.A. GIbbons said...

I wing it at times in my life. And yes, it can mean that I am not quite prepared, but the outcome can often be something that is wonderful, unplanned, and a learning experience.
So here is to all the BEST meanings of winging it! xxp

JILLblog said...

WING IT! I'm always teaching the concept in basket class. Go with your instincts, make it your own, listen to that inner voice. It's YOUR basket so make it that way. Love the BRING IT concept as well so maybe we need to merge them..BRWING IT?


Judy Vars said...

BRWINGing thats good