Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I'm sorry about the John Denver music

my computer crashed two weeks ago. I was going to take the song off as it made me sound like I had one foot in the grave. My computer been with my personal computer geeks who are installing three extra internal hard drives for all the thousands of photographs I've been taking not to mention a data base of all my artwork for 10 years, my mailing lists and all my art busisness data. YIKES My geeks have been putting me and my computer needs on the back burner while they go other places to make better money and go out of town to play their heavy metal music.
My web site is stalled, everything is going at a snails pace, it's quite frustrating.

This weekend I will be conducting two three hour seminars to demonstrate and give some hands on experience with encaustic wax techniques at The Alaska Art Education Association Fall Conference.

I will be back with you when my computer is fixed.
Thank you for stopping by.


annie kelleher said...

i was wondering where you'd got to!!! i miss you!!! come back soon!!!!

P.A. GIbbons said...

I can't help but smiling whenever I hear John Denver. He was one singer my father would let me play in the house, as he was not too loud or radical...i had a crush on him, silly me, and fell in love with this adorable boy in high school who looked like him but was about 6' tall. The song...is so very right for this time in my life too.

sniff sniff.


Carol Holt said...

Just checking in... miss your posts. I do hope to get back to Alaska one day (not sure if I'll be married or single) and if so I would love to meet up.

Judy Vars said...

Hey Carol,
I would like to meet up if you get back to Alaksa. Come married or single we'll still party!